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The International School Of Levante: A Leading Example In The Use Of Apple Technology In The Classroom

The International School of Levante: A leading example in the use of Apple Technology in the classroom

In today’s educational world, technology has become a fundamental tool for enriching the learning process. The International School of Levante has always stood out as a true pioneer in the integration of Apple technology in its classrooms. Thanks to its innovative approach, the school was recently invited by Apple and SEMIC to an event held in Madrid, where it shared its achievements in programming and augmented reality with other educational institutions.

The International School of Levante has distinguished itself through its constant commitment to cutting-edge education and its investment in implementing quality technology in the classroom. For several years, the school has worked closely with Apple to make the most of the tools and applications offered by the Cupertino company.

Programming has been one of the key areas in which the school has excelled. Through the use of Swift, Apple’s programming language, students have had the opportunity to explore the world of programming in a creative and dynamic way. By learning fundamental programming concepts, students have developed skills in logical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and have also gained knowledge in various subjects.

Another area in which the school has been a pioneer is the integration of augmented reality into the curriculum. With the help of iPads, students have been able to experience a new form of immersive learning. Through augmented reality applications and tools, our students have been able to explore complex concepts in science, mathematics, and art in an interactive and engaging manner. This innovative approach has generated increased interest in learning and improved content comprehension.

The recognition from Apple and SEMIC of the International School of Levante as a success case is a testimony to the achievements

Rubén Benet
Secondary Teacher

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