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Selected As One Of The Most Innovative Schools In The World At The World Education Summit

Selected as one of the most innovative schools in the world at the World Education Summit

According to Forbes, the World Education Summit is going to be “the most important educational event of 2021.” From March 22nd to 25th, around 200 speakers from around the world will share their experiences with more than 10,000 educators who will find the inspiration they seek to change the traditional educational model so students acquire deep learning and develop skills as important as critical thinking, creativity or teamwork.

Speakers as important as Sugata Mitra, Richard Gerver or John Hattie will share a virtual stage with other speakers and representatives of the most innovative schools in the world, that is, those that “are redefining the very concept of school”. According to the organization, they selected the “most amazing and unique schools in the world, those that do something different and courageous, all with learning at heart.” And our School is one of them.

We will present a project ion which we use coding as a cross-curricular tool. At Colegio Internacional de Levante we are aware that computer programming is not the language of the future, but of the present. Immersed in a digital revolution, technology occupies an increasingly important place in our daily lives. Therefore, we are convinced of the importance of the learning of programming. Therefore, our School offers Coding and Robotics as a curricular subject from early childhood education. But we do not stop there; Besides teaching many subjects in English, we also incorporate coding in subjects as diverse as Arts, Science, Language and Literature or Mathematics.

Thus, in our session, we will explain how our students have programmed with Tinker to work on concepts of geometry or scales and to be able to print their own keychains in 3D, how they have programmed robots to recreate the scenes of a novel that they wrote or how they created their own own versions of Piet Mondrian’s works using the Swift programming language.

This project has had a great impact both nationally and internationally and has been presented in cities such as San Antonio, Berlin, Philadelphia, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Valencia.

In short, being part of this important event helps us to move forward and offer your children the tools to “Be Better”.


Rubén Benet

Innovation department

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