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New technologies

The school is a pioneer in the implementation of new technologies, and how they can be of use to pedagogy. That’s why we have recently obtained the Apple Distinguished School certification, an accolade offered by the world’s most innovative company to institutions that excel in using its technology in the educational field.

Students from 6th grade to the second year of high school are equipped with an iPad as a study tool alongside their traditional materials such as books and notebooks. This significantly expands the possibilities for learning, allowing students to explore new forms of expression and multimedia content creation while gaining access to and filtering relevant information.

All these devices are carefully managed by the school using professional tools, ensuring that students can take advantage of all the benefits without encountering inconveniences. Similarly, all teachers have Apple Teacher training, guaranteeing they are equipped with the knowledge about to use technology in the classroom.

We also have iPad carts for shared use by classes not included in the 1:1 program. These iPads are shared in such a way that each student accesses their own session and documents with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that these iPads are also supervised and managed by the school.

The design classroom is equipped with 25 iMacs, providing the opportunity to complement activities developed with mobile devices. Programming, 3D design, and the creation of apps and video games are among the activities conducted in this space.

Additionally, we have a Robotics classroom where students work with robots like Lego Mindstorm, Sphero, and Dash. We also have a unit of the Pepper protocol robot, one of the most advanced robots currently available.

The school develops various innovation programs where technology plays a fundamental role. For instance, we embrace the use of programming as a cross-cutting tool for learning in different subjects. Similarly, we use the Minecraft Education Edition video game as a virtual learning environment for many subjects, as well as Augmented Reality, which, within our CreAR program, utilizes this technology to stimulate the creativity of students in a unique way.

Finally, the school is currently investing in incorporating Virtual and Extended Reality. With the acquisition of Meta Quest 3, we are exploring how we can enhance the learning experience of our students with this technology.

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