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The School has a Medical Department that students can use throughout the school day. This Department was created as a first-aid and primary care service and it was never intended to function as a pediatrics service.

At different stages during the schooling of the child, the School provides the parents with a medical form that they must fill out or update and that contains important information for the individual attention of each student. It is the parents’ responsibility to turn in the completed form within the stipulated period.

In the event of some medicine having to be administered during the school day, the medicine will have to be submitted to the Medical Department with a written request (via fax, email or with the student) signed by the father/mother of the student authorizing the administration of the medicine and indicating the name of it, the times of administration and the appropriate dose. Such requests are available at the doctor’s office. The Medical Department cannot administer any medicine if the aforementioned procedure has not been followed.

In the same manner, and due to the dangers entailed in this practice, students must not keep medicine on them or in their lockers, backpacks or desks.

The Medical Department also has the function of orienting students, parents and teachers about health-related issues and about preventive medicine by means of talks and presentations.

Since the children’s health comes first, we consider it essential for the medical records to be up to date. The School will greatly appreciate all the health information about students you can provide and the frequent written communication with the Department personnel.

Every statement you receive from the School Medical Department in relation to your children’s health is merely informative. The School recommends that you always seek the opinion and advice of a medical specialist.

The School doctor is also in charge of supervising the lunch menus to make sure that they are balanced and for coordinating the vaccination campaigns organized with the health authorities.


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