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Dining / Menu

So that our students feel at home during lunchtime at school, we take care of every detail:

  • Our own kitchen makes, in a homemade way, menus which are adapted to each age group, and are overseen by the Medical Department. Based on our Mediterranean diet, they are healthy, balanced meals, with vegetables, dairy products and fruit included on a daily basis, as they are fundamental for children’s growth.
  • The students are accompanied by their teachers during the time in the dining room. The teachers help when and wherever necessary.
  • On Fridays students can choose either the same desserts that are always available, fruit or yoghurt, or a special dessert.
  • The younger students celebrate their birthdays with a special detail when they finish their lunch, whilst the older students are able to choose between the first course offered or a wide range of salads available at the “Salad Bar”.
  • In the afternoon, the children in Infants enjoy an afternoon snack of dairy products, sandwiches and biscuits.

Furthermore, we offer adapted menus for those students who require them, whether it is because of allergies, intolerances, or due to another medical necessity.  These menus are overseen by the College Medical Department.

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